D.J Freddie Fred brings the hottest and latest Old School, Hip Hop and R&B mixes and blends for your pleasure. Rocking the dance floor to keep you in the groove is his specialty.


D.J Freddie Fred digs back into the crates to remind us of how spinning R&B really was back in his days. Raised in Queens NY, DJ Freddie Fred became hip to the art of mixing by listening to the likes of the Mr. Magic shows as well as studying the many styles of great  DJ poineers of the past and present. There's a difference in playing music and rocking music. DJ Freddie Fred ROCKS...


DJ Freddie Fred is a true replica of the Old School  & R&B  era, and continues to refine his art with today's hottest R&B dance hits.

DJ Stevie T brings R&B, House and danc music classics to life on the dance floor. While keeping the crowd jumping to the latest dance tunes, DJ Stevie T holds nothing back when rocking a crowd.


DJ Stevie T gained inspiration from the Chicago House music era and harnessed his musical IQ during the rise of the  New York house music phenomenon.


DJ Stevie T is the real deal when it comes to "rocking the House," literally.

DJ Magic Mike patterns his style for the sole purpose of  connecting with the crowd, and  is not a stranger to rocking tracks from the classical house and disco music era.


Mike is dedicated to bringing that "WOW" experience to every event, and has an obsession to create the extraordinary. His range of musical knowledge stems from 30 years as an avid music collector and has an immense desire to provide that cutting edge experience.


Mike also projects his musical creativity as a producer, tailoring his own remixes in his spare time.


DJ Magic Mike is sure to make your event memorable and one of a kind.

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